About us

Cybertype is the work of a graphic designer frustrated by tight briefs, conservative tastes and the English Way (hanging on in quiet desperation). Incredible rudeness dressed up as plain speaking, that’s what Cybertype enables this otherwise paragon of business-like professional designer virtue to get away with…

From militant atheism, through harmless humour, SciFi, philosophy and innuendo to blatant sex and rudeness the T-shirt designs here are inspired by idle musings, profound philosophies and accidental wisdom found in obscure places among the visual noise with which our urban environment is bathed…

Keep dry and away from children advice for life found in tint text on the sides of match boxes

Free recovery ends here  the harsh reality that looms up on yellow signs after interminable and psychologically damaging stretches of roadworks

Wide loads straddle white lines enigmatic cryptic clue to living your life as a driver

Some designs are just gratuitous eye-candy, others are ultra obscure and we’ll only ever sell three of them… but hey ho. Have a look around to see if any of the designs are on your geek, scientist, engineer, atheist, skeptic radar.

Remember – if you don’t know who the geek is in your group of friends, it’s probably you.